About Us


This server started out as a home-hosted vanilla server with only a few players and one admin. More players joined subsequently as we gathered some of our friends. The server later moved to bukkit when more functionality was requested.

After a while the lag and limited uptime requested some sort of upgrade, we consulted a few friends and got a VPS at AlvoTech that suited our needs. With the server now able to be up 24/7 and with a lot less lag, more players started to come. We grew larger and are still growing. We hope to one day be an acknowledged server with a lot of active people playing on it every day, and the only way to achieve that is to make the server better and better. So we ask you, the player, to send us suggestions on what we can improve. We will be very grateful for every suggestion we get, so start sending those suggestions!


We created this server with the intent of being a serious server for mature players, we ourselves are gamers too and as such, know what other gamers want. Our Mods and Admins stay in the shadows watching over the players, interfering only when needed.

We want to make our players feel like they are at home, playing with their friends, not with their enemies. Unless, of course, they are in a fight with another town!


On our server we only give respectable ranks to people who really deserves it, just because someone is a friend of an admin doesn't mean they get the Respected rank automatically, you have to earn it. Not only do you have to follow the rules, but you should also be an example for other players, avoiding the use of glitches/exploits for your own advantage and the like. If you feel someone deserves the Respected rank, please let us know about this wonderful person!

The Site

The site that you are viewing right now was coded and designed by Adam Hellberg at F16Gaming.

The world map is made by Minecraft Overviewer by brownan.

The level list was originally coded by Samkio and designed by Optidash. itsbth rewrote the code part from scratch due to low code quality of the original version which F16Gaming made some minor modifications to. The design received small modifications made by F16Gaming.

The site uses reCaptcha from Google.