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Minecraft 1.0 (Release)

Been a while since we posted news here, sorry about that.

So notch has released Minecraft 1.0, as soon as the plugins we use on the server have been tested to work with all the new stuff, we'll put the server back online with the new update!

F16Gaming | 2011-12-14 23:57:00

Minecraft 1.7.3

Please see this forum post for information about the server updating to support 1.7.3.

This will also fix the recent crashes we've been experiencing.

F16Gaming | 2011-08-09 20:33:15

Minecraft 1.7

Notch recently stated on his twitter that they may be releasing the 1.7 version with piston earlier. We want to urge everyone playing on this server to NOT update their minecraft client until we've stated here that it is supported.

Simply choose "No" or equivalent when the client asks you to update.

F16Gaming | 2011-06-26 23:40:31

We now accept donations!

You can now send us donations to help us keep the server up and running, any amount is appreciated and if you donate a larger amount you will be put on a future Wall of Fame here on the site!

And if that wasn't enough, you will also get the Donor rank on the Minecraft server (what this means isn't decided yet, but you will get access to extra commands and items), regardless of what amount you donate!

So please, help us make the server better and get something in return too!

If you have any questions about donating, please contact us on this address: business@f16gaming.com, we will reply to you as soon as possible!

F16Gaming | 2011-06-24 06:58:16

New post system

The new post system has been implemented now! This will make it a lot easier for us admins to post news.

If you have any suggestions, while the rest of the site is being finished, send them to my email: webmaster@f16gaming.com. I will make sure to read them all!

F16Gaming | 2011-06-24 06:12:49