Welcome to F16G's Minecraft Server

Please note that some of the information on this page is outdated.

We are no longer providing a Minecraft server for public use, please read the statement on our forum. Thank you for the time you spent playing with us!

The minecraft server for mature players who dislikes griefers! Our server is located in Germany but the spoken language is English. New players are free to place, destroy and use blocks in the world without any kind of approval process being needed. We ask that you do not abuse this privilege and play fair with the other players. Please don't make us remove this as we feel this freedom is crucial for players to be able to enjoy playing on the server without annoying wait times.

As you may have already suspected, this server is very open, we don't really care what you do unless it breaks one of the rules.

Read our forum topic explaining the rules.

If you don't abide by these rules you will be kicked and/or banned.

(If you see someone breaking these rules and a Mod or Admin is not nearby, please tell us so that we can take action.)

This server is running bukkit, information about the plugins we use can be found in the same forum topic as the rules. If you have any questions about our plugins, feel free to make a new topic in our forum with your question.

Voice chat

If you feel like voice chatting with fellow players on the server, feel free to join our mumble server, up 24/7!

Mumble server details:

Server: mumble.f16gaming.com

Port: 64738 (Default)

Join the channel (root) -> Games -> Minecraft

Don't have the mumble client? Download it here!

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